Servers status

Thursday 27th of April 2017 07:03:34 AM
Service NameStatus (Response time requests in milliseconds)
imap.servermx.com16.42 ms
pop.servermx.com12.99 ms
smtp.servermx.com16.39 ms
mx1.servermx.com12.88 ms
mx1backup.servermx.com7.62 ms
CalDav & CarDav15.66 ms
www.servermx.com0.24 ms
smarthost1:SMTP-OUT0.47 ms
smarthost2:SMTP-OUT28.95 ms


We had problem on our client. We fixed it
Please ler us know if you have problem with your account on


We had an outage. We fixed the problem. All services are up and runing
We are investigating on what happened